Discover Thionville and its surroundings

La Tour aux Puces Museum

6 minutes from the hotel

Former donjon of the castle which was erected by the Counts of Luxembourg in Thionville, near the end of the 11th century; La Tour aux Puces is an original structure with fourteen sides and it is registered on the supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments.

Château de la grange

7 minutes from the hotel

The Barn’s Castle was built in 1731 and is situated in the town of Manom. It is ranked as a Historical Monument. The castle and its Prairial garden are open for touristic visits.

The medieval city of Rodemack

24 minutes from the hotel

Rodemack’s village is classified amongst the most beautiful villages of France. We definitely recommend visiting this magnificent medieval city surrounded by an outer wall made of 700 meters of fortifications.

The Castle of Malbrouck

36 minutes from the hotel

The Castle of Malbrouck in the city of Manderen, situated at the heart of The Three Borders Region, offers since 1998 a rich cultural program in an exceptional setting. The Castle is open for touristic visits.

Ouvrage du Hackenberg in Veckring

25 minutes from the hôtel

The members of the AMIFORT association propose to its visitors - aboard a small electrical train of that time period - to discover this important work of the Maginot line, the most astounding and modern fortification of the 20th century.

Amneville’s Zoo

20 minutes from the hotel

In 2018, the Zoo of Amneville extend to 18 hectares and counts among its 2000 animals, 360 different species, from 5 continents.

Spend a wonderful day as a family there! The number of visitors is up to almost 60000.

Wallygator Amusement Park

20 minutes from the hotel

Wallygator Park, formely known as Big Bang Schtroumpf, Walibi Schtroumpf and then Walibi Lorraine, is a theme park located in the French town of Maizières-Lès-Metz.

Metz, capital of the Lorraine region

30 minutes from the hotel

Metz displays gardens and shady strolls along the Moselle and Seille rivers. In the old city, the gothic cathedral of Metz is famous for its many stained-glass windows, a lot were created by renowned artists. La Cour D’Or Museum nearby exhibits items going from the Roman times to the Renaissance. The Pompidou- Metz Center with its wavy roof exposes contemporary artwork.

The Pompidou-Metz Center

30 minutes from the hotel

The Pompidou-Metz Center is designed as a unique experience, a space of discovery to artistic creation under its many forms, a living space where events come one after another during the entire year. It’s a remarkable place thanks to the Shigeru, Ban and Jean de Gastines’ architecture. A generous place because the audience is at the heart of the project. A place of excellence by its multidisciplinary program created on innovative and temporary exhibitions at an international level.

Luxembourg Ville

30 minutes from the hotel

Luxembourg is the Capital of the small European country of the same name. Among the deep gorges carved by the Alzette and the Petrusse rivers, it is famous for its medieval fortifications in ruins. The Bock’s bunker- a huge network of underground tunnels- gathers a donjon, a prison and an archaeological crypt which saw the rise of the city. Above the city, along the fortifications, the walk du Chemin de la Corniche offers a spectacular view.

International Airport of Luxembourg

30 minutes from the hotel

You have the possibility to reach the airport of Luxembourg or of Nancy-Metz. The Luxembourg Airport is situated in Luxembourg/Findel and the Lorraine Airport in Groin. Easy and fast access from Thionville via the highway.

Trier in Germany

60 minutes from the hotel

Discover Trier (Trèves) – the oldest German city with its internationally renowned monuments and relish its culture combining history and modernity. Best itinerary from Thionville is to take the road and follow the Moselle river.

Discover Thionville and its surroundings

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